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Library 2.0 R.I.P. December 13, 2005

Posted by unamable in Library 2.0.

So that’s it? It’s just another over-hyped, bubble-like protrusion on the naive adolescent face of the library profession. Web 2.0 is just another lure to get the tech-tranced, or the guilty non-techie librarian like me who wants to be ”with it” – to feel part of the knowledge age and to chalk up a cool quotient with my millenial mentors. I think not, I am more in agreement with Roger Clarke’s recent-ish post which sees Library 2.0 as a way of re-relating to our patrons/users and improving the responsive nature of our services to them.

There are some great examples of Library 2.0 already in use, people who have seen the opportunities through the hype, St. Joseph County Public Library, Ann Arbor District Library and Thomas Ford Memorial LIbrary are only three that I know of. I think to myself wouldn’t it be nice if, as a librarian, I were both prepared and able to react with agility when approached by a patron. In a similar way perhaps to the supermarket’s ability to deliver James Surowiecki’s orange juice carton – no one acts according to prescribed rules but on the basis of what is good for all the links in the chain from the grower to the shopper. We are not a retail chain, but, I believe that the library profession has a good track record in terms of sharing with each other and passing along knowledge. Now all we need to to do is extend our network in order to our users to benefit our users and, incidentally, ourselves as a profession.



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