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the naming December 19, 2005

Posted by unamable in Beckettiana.
I had to come up with a name so, contrariness consulted, that’s why this is called what it is called. It comes (of course) from Samuel Beckett, who I find both profound, tragic and funny, which kind of sums up where I am as a person who works in/with/beyond libraries.To be more precise:
“Lacking any plot in the conventional sense, The Unnamable ….is the search for the self within the tragic realm of human suffering.

The obsessive narrator–who opens the novel asking, “Where now? Who now? When now?”–is a disembodied person, living in a large jar in a restaurant window in Paris. Essentially “unnamable,” the narrator is referred to as Mahood, Worm, and Basil, in a series of tales. The final sentence in the novel is a long dramatic monologue. The narrator concludes with the desire to continue living despite an inescapable sense of anguish and entropy: “I can’t go on, I’ll go on.”

taken from 1997 Encyclopædia Britannica

Which perhaps goes some way to describing my ‘tude in the current climate of pessimistic optimism or optimistic pessimism within the “library and knowledge profession” depending on which side of the digital divide you wake up on. It also has some kinship with my outlook on life, the multiverse and anything..but only when I am feeling romantic.



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