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Nomicons contd. December 26, 2005

Posted by unamable in metagraphic, Tagging.

So after the naming of parts and the conventions thereto appended we need to have a better form of access. We need to speak the language of those who crawl into our catalogues. We need to let them in and say how they would look at the item if they were looking for the item – not force them into accepting an agreed term or keyword. No need now to scrabble around in your brain for the correct form just dig out the first word that comes into your head and presto! it will be found along with other like items described equally as badly – “but what’s described badly” I hear the maverick me whisper, reminding me of subject headings of note which failed to be clarify in my muddled mind since they were couched in an archaic wordname or I was required to think backwards, in a strictly hierarchical way y’unnerstan, to find what I wanted to look for.

But life does go on and just to show that it isn’t all gloom and doom back at L of C here are some recent subject headings cribbed from The Marginal Librarian

  • Air guitar (May Subd Geog)
  • Boating with cats (May Subd Geog)
  • Boring–Mathematical models
  • Clowns–Religious aspects–Christianity
  • Cockroaches–Literary collections
  • Drunkenness (Philosophy)
  • Feet in the Bible
  • Homing pigeons in the bible
  • Fetus Fiction
  • Virtual reality in management
  • Whiskey–Anecdotes
  • Zombies–Juvenile literature
  • Boredom–Songs and music


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