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Looking for a Library 2.0 Moment January 3, 2006

Posted by unamable in Library 2.0.

Yes, I think that’s right – Michael’s post connecting up Library 2.0 back to 1876 – I am trying to find out what I am trying to say by saying “Library 2.0″. If that means I look back to make sure that my “long tail” is still twitching or that I’m still going round that ole “Sleeper Curve” – that’s o.k. If we, as a profession/workgroup, don’t reflect on and learn from our mistakes, our successes and our history – then who will move on at all?
The Library 2.0 flurry or meme is connecting with/to the opportunities in the right now: ubiquitious this, instantaneous that, neat and accessible techbits. Library 2.0 is the catch-all phrase which kinda labels what I want to talk about with regard to the libraries I work in now (until Library 2.0 is either defined, acceptable and then passé or it is killed off by scepticism before it is born and the opportunities to think that it offers are squandered). By the way, I am not so sure that there are that many rip-roaring librarians out there -sure we all work hard but, have we, in the old hackneyed phrase actually, really, truly begun to work smart? The opportunities and creations which are aggregating around Library 2.0 will perhaps better allow us to do that – and, as somebody has already said, somewhere – other library advances have always cost libraries dear – at least these are low-cost and so far pretty entertaining! The bonus might be that we also begin to look intriguing and maybe useful to a wider range of users wherever they choose to be – and I am all for that.



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