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Librarians 2.0 unite! … you have nothing to lose but your jobs January 18, 2006

Posted by unamable in Library 2.0.

Thanks to BlogJunction for this in Yahoo News via U.S News and World report where it was recently allowed that librarian will be one of the 16 best jobs of 2006 thus:
Librarian. This is an underrated career. Most librarians enjoy helping patrons dig up information. They learn in the process and keep up to date on the latest books and online resources. The need for librarians, unfortunately, may decline because search engines make it easy for patrons to find information without a librarian’s help. The job growth for librarians will be in nontraditional settings: corporations, nonprofit organizations, and consulting firms.

Well mmm.. talk about a pat on the back swiftly followed by a slap across the face.
In contrast let me put up this recent post from Tame the Web quoting from Stephen Abram’s article “Web 2.0 – Huh?! Library 2.0, Librarian 2.0” [no link as yet]

“Librarian 2.0 is the guru of the information age. Librarian 2.0 strives to

Understand the power of the Web 2.0 opportunities

Learn the major tools of Web 2.0 and Library 2.0

Combine e-resources and print formats and is a container and format agnostic

To be device independent and using and delivering to everything from laptops to PDAs to iPods

Develop targeted federated search and adopt the OpenURL standard

Connect people and technology and information in context

Not to shy away from non-traditional cataloguing and classification and chooses tagging, folksonomies and user-driven content descriptions where appropriate

Embrace non-textual information and the power of pictures, moving images, sight and sound

Understand the ‘long tail’ and leverages the power of old and new content

See the potential in using content sources like the Open Content Alliance, Google Print and OpenWorldCat

Connect users up to expert discussions, conversations and communities of practice and participates there as well

Use and develop advanced social networks to enterprise advantage

Connect with everyone using their communication mode of choice –telephone, Skype, IM, SMS, e-mail, virtual reference, etc.

Encourage user-driven metadata and user-developed content and commentary

Understand the wisdom of crowds and the real roles and impacts of the blogosphere, web syndicasphere and wikisphere”

In hope of getting a bit of air for the nascent Librarian 2.0 and maybe more takers for the “new era dawning” – I have contacted U.S. News and World Report in hope that it might prove newsworthy.



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