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VidLit-eracy January 19, 2006

Posted by unamable in Library 2.0, metagraphic, Repatronising, Tagging.

Coming out of the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” (BBC-TV version) style of presentation (although with an innovative twist) comes the most recent addition to the Library 2.0 menagerie – Vid Lit.

O.K. … now that those who I have lost have left …. let me continue. This is an idea from Liz Dubelman which results in short animated Flash films about books, sometimes read by the author, or is used to relay complete short stories (try Craziest).

Imagine, my nascent Librarian 2.0 voice said, if we could use this tool to enliven our libraries and to bring our patrons into the life of our libraries. W could start with new additions, recommended reads and librarians’ reading habits; then move on to OPACs jazzed up by vidlit (making for a diverting tagging experience); a little further and we could get our patrons to submit “vidcrits.” These could happen in-house but could also be done with VidLit if they are open to working with libraries. So there we have the patrons working for us/with us, the librarians working in a new dimension (perhaps in collaboration with local design/IT schools) and the tech* being used appropriately.

Software Macromedia Flash MX Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Professional Adobe Photoshop CS Apple Final Cut Pro Digidesign ProTools Steinberg Cubase SX Ableton Live Hardware Apple Computers, 17″ PowerBook, G4 and G5 Towers. PMC/Bryston Audio system Universal Audio UAD-1 Plug-ins Waves Plug-ins Virtual instruments from Arturia, G-Force, Korg, Native Instruments, Propellorhead, Spectrasonics, Steinberg




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