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Things we shoulda done but we were …? [No. 1] May 8, 2006

Posted by unamable in Library 2.0, library thing, LibraryLand, Repatronising.

"Information guides to help members quickly get down the learning curve on any topic." that's what Zimbio calls itself. It also has gurus who "…. organize and review content, and to provide general guidance for [the] portals. This develops into a much more collaborative model "Over time, we expect there to be multiple gurus per portal."

Erm didn't libraries useta do something kinda like that? Except, with all due respect, we may have lost the plot a little in upgrading these valuable services to the digital, or should that be the engagement, age.

Zimbio's features include: a Group Blog, Member Photo Albums, a Linkroll, a Feedroll, a Searchroll, a NewsTracker, a BlogTracker, an ImageTracker, a Notepad & a Forum

In a more formal context SirsiDynix has also connected to the idea evolving something they call rooms which "empowers librarians to collect, connect, and present valuable content – no matter the source – to meet people's needs." They offer a Starter Pack of 10 "rooms": Careers/Employment•Parenting• Genealogy• Entertainment• Reference• Personal Finance/Investment• Travel & Tourism• Home Improvement• Family Health/Fitness• Food & Drink as well as having the Reading Room. Rooms can also be "pointed at" certain patron groups i.e. Schools or Parents. The software also allows you to build your own "rooms"



1. Ivan Chew - May 28, 2006

Hi “Mr Unamable”, I decided to leave a comment here because (1) you don’t have an email listed here and (2) what I wanted to share with you seemed like a relevant response to this post.

OK, first I thought you might like to hear this, since you got yourself a MacBook Pro also : )
So how’s this relevant to the discussion? I’m responding to your second para where you suggested that libraries might have lost something in moving to the digital medium. I think it’s not so much we’ve lost things but there’s been disintermediation. What libraries and librarians can do is to become content-creators ourselves. Or at least be the facilitators.

2. Rich Baecher 贝瑞淇 Bei Rui Qi - December 21, 2006

” I’m Fully Uploaded & Totally Blogged-OUT~! ”
Rich Baecher 贝瑞淇 Bei Rui Qi
Google Me~! “Dr.openBC/XING”

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