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read, half-read or reading …

The future of ideas by Lawrence Lessig also available here in Singapore

The erudite Mr. Lessig (Stanford Law School)) argues against the control of the evolving Internet lest such moves discourage innovation and creativity in the digital world. The book looks at the history of Internet and its relationship to the “commons” (items that are made available for free) and argues for a balance between intellectual property and the public domain. It is quite densely written but is certainly a brain-jogger


and being glimpsed at on and off …..

Sahara: the life of the great desert by Marq de Villiers & Sheila Hirtle

Such a great way to empty the mind and get the ego in focus – this enormously detailed account of the Sahara – its life and times is really fascinating and beautifully written
also available here – if in Singapore


The Club Dumas by Arturo Pérez-Reverte..available in Singapore

OPENS UP THE world of book-antiquaria via a mercenary book detective makes The Da Vinci Code look like "Noddy in Toyland" so far ….


and I am always nibbling away at one Granta or another

the latest is all about Africa


and finally I never miss reading [plug…plug..]….


“Everything Bad Is Good For You” by Steven Johnson and if in Singapore
If you ever nurtured the belief that video games, television shows, and other forms of popular entertainment are detrimental to your mental and moral development. Everything Good would like to disagree with you. Looking at a Woody Allen inspired phenomenon he calls “the Sleeper Curve” he argues entertainingly and convincingly that popular entertainment is seriously developmental – enabling us to cope with more and more complex decision-making environments than ever before.


and by the same author …

Mind Wide open

Mind Wide Open by Steven Johnson and if in Singapore
This is an attempt by the author to go inside the workings of his own brain looking at some current neuroscience concepts with the potential to transform our thinking about emotions, memories and consciousness. Sounds scary but Steven Johnson does this in a very accessible and entertaining way.




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